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What Re:fresh Smart Retailer (RSR) has to do?
Re:fresh RSR
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Re:fresh RSR
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Re:fresh RSR
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Refresh RSR
Re:fresh is an FMCG products brand from
NJ Group which is one of India's Largest* Mutual Funds distribution house and is actively engaged with various businesses.
NJ Group is build on trust.
*Source AMFI data Commission Disclosure FY1920
Success story so far
How to become a Re:fresh Smart Retailer
Start your business journey, purchase a Re:fresh smart retailer business kit at a discounted cost of Rs. 5000 from our wide range of RSR Business Kits.
A shopkeeper, an individual or a housewife looking to start a business from home and earn extra income can join Re:fresh platform and register as Re:fresh Smart Retailer (RSR). RSR can buy Re:fresh product at discounted price and sell at MRP to their clients.
Organic Food product, authentic Ayurvedic product, quality food or non food product in classic category & home care items, Agarbatti, Dhoop stick etc..
Visit, Fill in your basic details, purchase a product pack of Rs. 5000, your account shall be made active and login id & password shall be emailed to you. You are now a registered RSR. You will have access to Ayurvedic product, non food items etc. Once you upload FSSAI registration certificate, you'll be able to access all Re:fresh product including food items.
Their is no joining or registration fees to become a RSR. It's free and easy to join. You only need to purchase Re:fresh product worth Rs. 5000 to account activation.
We need your basic information & your FSSAI license.
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